John Mayer has vocal cord granulomas & postpones shows. NO!

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I miss the old John Mayer. You know, before the twitter addiction and Playboy interview that made him look racist. Yeah, no one’s forgotten about that yet. I miss the random quips at concerts, the Local-83 fanclub and the haircut that didn’t make him look homeless. I miss the times when his only famous ex-girlfriend was Jennifer Love Hewitt. But alas, times go on and so does douchebaggery. I don’t know how that even makes any sense, but whatev. I’m too lazy to delete the whole sentence.

I still love John Mayer though, and this news makes that love grow stronger once more. He made a statement about his health that got my attention. He’s cancelled the few shows that he had coming up, and post-poned the release of his new cd, Born and Raised. He won’t be at the iheartradio music festival in Las Vegas or appearing with Tony Bennett in L.A. to support his new duets album. He stated that he’s got some vocal cord granulomas. Don’t fret kids, it’s not fatal. Not even close. It does pose a threat if you bank on your voice, though. He says that he’s got the best peeps in scrubs looking after him, so I’m not scared. I just hope that he doesn’t overdo it, even after he’s on the mend. Overuse of the voice is one of the reasons these puppies pop up in the first place.

We love you, John!

Take your time! We will all be here when you’re good and ready.

In the meantime, I’m going to put Comfortable and 3×5 on repeat :)

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