John Mayer cancels tour & taking indefinite break from performing

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News broke the other day that John Mayer will be cancelling his summer tour and taking an indefinite break from performing. A little while back John took a mini-break due the formation of a granuloma on his vocal cords. Well, he wrote on his site that it has returned. Music is his career and way of life. In order to try to preserve that he’s going to have to take huge break to recover what made him famous in the first place. We’re here for you, John!

I’m kinda bummed that I won’t be seeing him this summer though. I haven’t missed a tour of his yet. I guess I’ll just have to put “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” “3 x 5,” “Comfortable,” and “Bigger than my Body” on repeat for the next 2 years or so. *insert super duper sad face here*

Good news though! Because of this set back John will be writing another album ASAP! Oh, how I will miss seeing those orgasm faces in real life :(

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