John Krasinski & Emily Blunt back from Italian Wedding

  • SumoMe

Looks like my lovely John Krasinski and his new wife Emily Blunt totally got papped during their wedding in Italy. The pics are suuuuuper grainy, so obviously from wayyyy far away, but still. Sucks that paps went that far to get pics. George Clooney was nice enough to let them stay at his crib on Lake Como for the week prior to the wedding, and partied with them. Look at George. Must be nice to chill out in the Italian countryside for however long he feels like. I did it for a summer….yes….you should be jealous of him. It is as nice as it seems. Here are a couple pap pics of them. Crap, I know.

John and Emily came back to L.A soon after the wedding. Here they are at LAX, looking…umm….pleased to see the cameras? Hahha, yeah no. I like these two – that’s rare. I hope their honeymoon, if they have one, isn’t ruined by rats. That would be a shame, a low down dirty shame.

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