Joe Jonas wears a purple sweater and new girl around NYC

  • SumoMe

Ah the many women of Joe Jonas. It’s fun to watch who he dates and breaks up with horribly. Amicable break ups are never fun to watch. They’re boring, obviously. Well, unless you’re involved. But that’s for real people to worry about. Let’s talk about the mystery woman Joe has been seen walking around NYC with lately. Girlfriend? Friend? Cousin? Who knows. It’s the mystery that makes it fun, duh. Word spread a couple months ago that he was dating some model named Nina, but I guess that was wrong. What were the odds? Haha huge. Anyways, I dig this chick. Well, from what a picture can say. She looks somewhat normal and can dress well. You could analyze the pictures forever but what would be the point. They’re not holding hands! Dear me! Who is this girl! Meh, I was actually looking more at Joe’s sweater. I’m not too keen on it. Thoughts?

Source: Just Jared


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