Joe Jonas seen without Ashley Greene

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The title says it all.

Joe Jonas was out with brother, Nick Jonas, and some chick friend. First time he hasn’t been stuck to the hip of Ashley Greene in quite some time. It’s refreshing. She might as well carry him around in that purse instead of her dog Marlow. “It’s a long flight, Joe. Don’t take a crap.”

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5 Responses to Joe Jonas seen without Ashley Greene

  1. Lisa says:

    that’s Samantha Barks – Nick Jonas girlfriend from UK & Ashley is filming Breaking Dawn that’s why her and Joe havent been seen ….

  2. Laura says:

    I know……I don’t care why they’re apart…’s just nice that they are! aha

  3. angela says:

    Thank God Samantha and Nick broke up. Nick is like on Twitter ” I’m single right now!” Not to sound rude but BYE BYE SAMANTHA. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE 2 OR 3 MONTH RIDE DON’T COME BACK AGAIN. TIME FOR A NICE FAN (ME HAHA) TO DATE NICK!

  4. Amanda Jonas says:
    ^ follow me.

    Thank god; Joe looked much better with Demi Lovato. I mean they were just beautiful and goregous together.. they were meant to be, seriously! :) they should go out again, come on Demi! (: Ashley & Joe = </3 dont like them together no offence Ash..

  5. GrAcIa says:

    I love you Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas I am your fan NUMBER 1 I love you so much!!! I donĀ“t care if you have girlfriend because you are happy with them and if you are happy I also!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so but so much!!! <3 <3 <3

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