Joe Jonas listens to songs about himself at Taylor Swift concert

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Joe Jonas is growing up quite nicely, but some of his decisions have had me scratching my head/breaking plates against the wall. The Taylor Swift incident she explained very eloquently on Ellen? The whole Demi Lovato fiasco? He doesn’t have the best girl-etiquette. But lately? All of the ass-kissing? C’mon! You have a new album coming out, but really?

At the MTV awards he was pictured with the very gorgeous Demi, making polite conversation. So the picture displayed. Last night and another rumoured night this week, he was present at the Taylor Swift concert. It’s great that you would like to make friends with your exes, but don’t do it around album-release time. Tres dirty. That and we need our Swifty pissed off and regretful! That’s how she makes her greatest music! Back off!

You can take jogs all you want though! That is still rather delightful.

Source: ONYD

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