Joe Jonas has got a new girlfriend. Take a look

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I’m so glad all of that purity ring bullshit is over. Soooooooooo glad. What a terrible waste it would be if Joe Jonas still followed that routine. Just look at him. The world just wouldn’t work right if he continued on that path. The great circle of life would forever be altered. The sky would be forever cloudy, the waters of the ocean forever choppy, birds would start flying into windows at an alarming rate scaring the crap out of everyone, which would then increase the rate of heart attacks across the globe causing the death rate to soar. See!!! The world would end! We can’t have this!

Thank you Joe Jonas for not doing that to us. Thank you.

In recent years, since the demise of the purity ring, we have seen Joe prance around the world with a plethora of lovely ladies. Some we liked (Demi Lovato), some we did not (Ashley Greene). Well, it looks like there’s a new girl in Joe’s pants. She’s 19 years old, a model, named Nina Agdal, and has a rack I’d kill or pay a lot of money for. What a pretty couple they’d make. I APPROVE!!

They’ve been seen all over Miami together apparently. I haven’t seen pics of them together yet, but only time will tell on that one.

Source: Oh No They Didn’t


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