Joe Jonas breaks up with Demi Lovato. Dumbass!!!!!!

  • SumoMe

These are the days I look forward to. Not for someone else’s misfortune, but for…, it’s someone else’s misfortune.

Saw this coming umm before it began!

This is the end of Joe Forearms Jonas and Demi Horsemouth Lovato!!

Proves that bj’s don’t make a longlasting relationship. HAHAHHA! Depends on who you ask though.

Of course he dumped her too – what an idiot. RIGHT before your movie together comes out. RIGHT before you have to tour together all summer! RIGHT before all the fans will bash your face in! Sorry, but I can’t really see her ever doing that. She knew what she had and she would cling to that bitch for as long as she could. I guess it’s time to like her now.

SH*t! She’ll end up being besties with Taylor Swift now too. I’ll bet $5!!!

What will happen to the circle jerk now? IT’s not the same without and female players. Selena Gomez only makes guest appearances cuz her and Nick can’t f**king decide whether they’re dating or not. It’s just Joe, Nick and Kevin? Oh, and Kevin’s wife. They’re married now though – you know she got lazy. This ain’t no game of twister here people, this is serious business!!

I give it 2 weeks before he’s got a new bitch. With the tour coming, this story is only gonna get better and better.

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