Jimmy Fallon was Saturday Night Live’s best host so far this season

  • SumoMe

Holy sh*tballs! Saturday Night Live was insane last night! Thank you Jimmy Fallon for not making me doze off just after the opening monologue. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for including Michael Buble in the funniest skit of the night. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for making my Saturday night spent at home on my ass better than if I had been out getting plastered followed by hot, sweaty sex with the lights off. The only person who tops that is Santa after he’s left diamonds under the tree. Thank you Jimmy Fallon, for the best SNL has been in quite some time.

Jimmy brought back the old school and had a crap load of guests during the show including, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Tracey Morgan. Weekend update’s Joke Off was off the hook! And I say that in the most non-white person way I could possibly say it. Bravo Jimmy Fallon. Me heart you.

P.S. I know the sound is off in the videos but it was the best I could find you at the moment.

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