James Franco’s new book with Free Super Saver Shipping?

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James Franco is at it again! Doing what exactly? Well, he’s already starred in countless movies, been on a popular soap opera, gone to university, and taught a class at a university based on himself. Well, it looks like he’s written another book.

Although there is no release date for “Actor’s Anonymous,” it has been picked up by the Amazon publishing company.

Here are my thoughts on the Franco. People are either taken by him or think he’s more annoying than your mother during the Christmas holidays. The latter think that he’s too into himself and tries too many things. Since when is trying new things a bad thing? At least he’s trying, which is more than we can say about most people – including myself! Sure the whole Oscar’s host gig was a shit show, but could you even imagine how DIFFICULT that job would be? I get freaked out when there are more than 4 people staring at me at one time let alone 2 billion. That would take peeing your pants to a whole new level. The urine would exit your body, but so would every other fluid known to be inside it. It would just be a complete deliquification.

Ah well, at least the book will be available with FREE super saver shipping. Dun dun dun.

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