I’ll give $5 if you can translate the Robert Pattinson GQ Russia article

  • SumoMe

Ah yes. Let the Robert Pattinson promotion begin. Wait, I mean continue like it has for the last 3 years. Does he even need to have a movie coming out to be on the cover of stuff? No. It could be pant-less Wednesday and that would be reason enough for me. It’s a travesty that pant-less Wednesday doesn’t actually exist and R-Patz is on the cover of GQ Russia because Cosmopolis is starting to gain some momentum or because Breaking Dawn is coming out on DVD or in theaters there? Who freaking knows. These pics of Rob are fantastic but I’d give $5 to anyone who could translate the article for me. That’s $5 Canadian just to clarify. It’s worth like $5.25 US right now. Booyah!

Stupid non-existant pant-less Wednesday.

Source: GQ Russia


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