Hurt Locker sweeps. Women rule all.

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James Cameron lost.

Avatar didn’t win.

The voters probably got headaches from the 3D experience and boycotted the whole thing. Me likey Avatar.

Ah well, too bad Cameron. You just got the worst form of alimony you could ever get. The bitch kicked your ass but good.

I never saw the Hurt Locker, but that dude that’s in it….what’s his face? Who the hell is that guy and why hasn’t he made a sex tape before? He’s scrumptious. Kinda old, not really, sorta, but hot. Not in a George Clooney kind of way either cuz I find him repulsive. Sorry. Arrogance is so ugly.

So yeah, back to what I was getting at – Hurt Locker won best director. What’s her name again? Oh right, no one remembers. That’s probably how it will stay too. Yes, she was the first woman to win this award and whoopie for that. The world is really progressing these days, isn’t it? I mean, what will be next…..a woman president?

HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Right. I’m not a huge feminist, but girls deserve a shot at stuff. I’m pro-female but not to the point where I walk the streets with posters, never shave my armpits, cut my hair short and call myself Pat.

Maybe we just need to freak men out a bit more?

There should be a mandatory day of the month where men are forced to go to the store and buy a box of tampons. Ooooo they should be kept behind the counter too so they have to actually verbally ask for them and say the word “May I have a few boxes of tampons please? Gimme a super and a lights box.” That would be so amazing. I never ask boys to buy me that but one time I did. He didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night while he sat in his boxers playing the bloodiest video game he had while smoking a cigar and bbq’ing. They should have showered the oscar crowd with tampons. That would have been splendid.

Yay Hot Hurt Locker guy!


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