How is Taylor Lautner a spawn of THIS????

  • SumoMe

He’s hot, he’s young, but not too young. He’s legal now! I’ve been rejoicing since February when the young pup turned 18. Orange was never my colour anyways, let alone an entire jumpsuit. I just have one question for you Mr. Taylor Lautner……how in the hell did you spawn from THAT???? Maybe his dad procreated with Pocahontas. Hey, it could happen. Pocahontas lived a really long time ago, if she was even real. Highly doubting it. But she liked the white dudes! Hell, she didn’t even need a guy that spoke the same language as her. She didn’t exactly have high standards I see. Ah well, she did the world a favour and brought this wonderful puppy into life. Who needs conversation when you make a sacrifice like that for your fellow women of the world. F**k man, someone nominate her for sainthood.


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