Holy Trinity stun at London Breaking Dawn Premiere

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I figured everyone and their long lost cousins who only call when they need money would have covered the Los Angeles Breaking Dawn premiere, so I just watched and drooled.

The UK London premiere is another story though. Most people over on this side of the pond are still recovering from their Robert Pattinsonand Taylor Lautner hangovers so they’re a little worse for wear. Not me. Don’t you know that the best way to cure a hangover is more of the good stuff? Helllooooo!!!! Didn’t you guys go to college? Shame.

I must say I am impressed with Kristen Stewart and/or her stylist. It’s either Kristen’s decision to change her look to something more feminine or her stylist is a 40 year old woman with a little extra gusto around the mid-section who “don’t take no crap from no foo.” You see her now, don’t you. The slit Kristen tried not to show her hooha in in L.A. was marvelous. Simply marvelous. And tonight in London, she was simply stunning. Take a look at the picture of Rob looking down at her cleav! If the neckline points down there, you’re inviting it. After a split second or 2 looking at Rob and Kristen, I deflected to the most important sight of the evening – Mister Taylor Lautner.

Just look at him.

Do you need any adjectives? No. Just stare.

Now remember how old you are.

There ya go. Back to reality.

Good trip though.

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