Hockey God Sidney Crosby is back on the ice!

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Today is a glorious glorious day for all Canadians. It isn’t a holiday but it will be celebrated by hockey lovers all across the country. For today, November 21, 2011, marks the triumphant return of Canada’s golden boy, Sidney Crosby, to the ice. The 24 year old star of my morning girl wood has spent the last 10 months watching from the sidelines due to a concussion he suffered. Apparently it was difficult for Sid to even watch TV. Poor guy. If you’re stuck at home and can’t work, the least you could do with your time is watch television for endless hours and catch up on all the porn you missed.

We should all be glad he’s back. I hope he doesn’t suffer another blow to the head (at least above the waist) in the near future or ever again. He won us the Olympics, damn it! More people know Sidney’s name over our own Prime Minister. That’s patriotism, my friends. Or just ignorance. I’d like to think patriotism though.

Everyone tune in tonight while Sid plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins against the New York Islanders.

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