Help Cory Monteith @frankenteen give $10 000 to some wicked kids’ music programs!

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Not having a good music program in the school systems is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine. I took music throughout my elementary, junior high and high school years, each varying in how good they were. Of course it comes down to one thing – budget. Each city, province, state, county, etc. has a different budget for the arts, but having it cut tends to be the growing trend. Other things seem to be more important, even though stimulating that part of the brain has been proven to strengthen all of the others.

ANYWAYS! haha my point – – –

My fave tv celeb, the cute Cory Monteith, has decided to back this as well. He has teamed up with Apple and Eve Fruitables, a juice company, and created a contest for elementary and middle school aged kids. They have to put a vocal group together at school, or use the one they have already have, and sing a mash-up. They’ll compete against all the other entrants for a chance to with $10 000 for their school’s music department.

Sounds pretty good to me. Cory should make a personal appearance at the winning schools, in my opinion. It would be freakin’ awesome if he brought some of the other gleeks with him as well. The more promotion they give the cause, the more awareness it will bring.

Here’s Cory in a video he made recently about the contest. You can totally tell he’s reading hahaha! Adorable anyways!


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