Harry Potter Leavesden studio tour in London now open

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If you’re a Harry Potter fan and willing to cross the pond for him than you’re in luck. Warner Brothers has finally opened the sets used in the making of the films to the public. The studios in Leavesden have been converted into a full out tour for fans to see and immerse themselves in. You get to walk through Diagon Alley, Dumbledore’s office and the Great Hall. That cool phoenix stairwell used in the Chamber of Secrets is there too. Oh, and DOBBY!!!!

The tour is finally open for the little people to see! At a price – 28 pounds per adult to get in and you have to buy in advance. I just checked it out myself. It seems as though you have to buy about a month in advance. As the word spreads, the wait will increase. I guess that means you better get your wands in gear and get to it. If you are in the North America area, check out the Warner Bros. tour in Los Angeles. They “had” a cool Harry Potter exhibit when I was there a year ago. They had a mini Potter museum with loads of stuff, including the Sorting Hat and Harry’s room under the stairs. I hadn’t read the books then so I had no clue what I was looking at. I do remember the hat declaring me a Gryffindor though! My friend got Hufflepuff. Hahaha sucker.

Grab your tickets HERE

Weasley and Malfoy were present at the grand opening a few days ago. I still can’t take that ginger kid seriously….

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