Happy Birthday Demi Lovato. Love the skanky dress you wore for Joe Jonas

  • SumoMe

Happy 18th Birthday Demi Lovato.

I noticed you wore a scandalous dress that I would be handcuffed to my basement couch if I ever wore at that age. If my boobs popped out like that and you could see my curves like that I’d be saying 83291038 hail Mary’s before never seeing the light of day again. But she’s a celeb now. She’s also having a bday party where her recent ex-boyfriend/said to be best friend but we all know that’s a load of crap is in attendence.

You know, the more this shiz goes on the more I like Demi Lovato. Sure she was a horse to me once upon a time…but horses are friendly. There are tons of friendly horses out there. Take that horse that reappears on Family Guy every now and then, or that horse Artax in the Neverending Story. Sure he dies, but he was a good horse.

Happy Birthday, Demi. Go out and buy yourself someone hot today – you deserve it.

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