Half price @BritneySpears tickets!! Yes, HALF PRICE!

  • SumoMe

This is what I love to see!!!! Britney Spears’ AMAZING boyfriend, Jason Trawick is making it possible for Britney fans to get tickets to her tour for HALF PRICE! I just checked…it’s true. Just go to his site famos.com and look for your city. I just checked for Toronto and there are some awesome seats up for grabs. I went to the Circus tour – c’est magnifique. Sure, she may lipsync the whole time, but the show itself is kinda great. I <3 Britney no matter what she does.

Thanks for thinking of the fans and putting them first.

Take note all other artists out there!!

Except for Josh Groban. He is at the top of our list as well for giving student discounts for his current tour. MWAH!

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