Glee’s season 1 wrap-up & Emmy Magazine cover

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And that’s a wrap! Glee’s first season ended last night, and oh how it ended! Damn, I hope they bring back Jesse next season. He’s yummy! I was a little “Huh?” about the whole Rachel-Finn back together thing? Or are they? He was talking to her and she just kissed him out of nowhere. Now an analyzer could look at it and say that it was just cuz she’s single again. Meh, it’s tv. Just give Cory more screen time and I’ll be happy.

Will and Emma together? Like that will happen that easily!! John Stamos is set to join the cast next season as the dentist she’s been dating. I’d totally take him over Will.

Here’s the cast in Emmy Magazine. Cory is still off in Europe making the Monte Carlo movie. When he tweets his whereabouts I’ll post them.

pics source:justjared

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