Glee’s Cory Monteith hates Valentine’s Day – girl woody grows

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I hate the longass commute to work in the morning, but today was rather delightful. For those of you (no one but me, but I like to believe there’s more) who live in Toronto pick up one of those free newspapers – the 24- today. Page 12 to be exact, lower right corner. I’ll explain why….

As if I could have a bigger girl woody for this guy anyway…….oh Cory, how you tease ….

I’ll just copy and paste the article here:

“Glee’s Cory Monteith says that Valentine’s Day really sucks for single people, and he will be spending February 14th alone. ‘It’s such a painful holiday, you know what I mean? Because, think about all of the people who are single for Valentine’s day. That sucks, right?’ Monteith adds, ‘ When it’s V-Day, I always think about all the people who got dumped on Valentine’s Day or broke up with their partners. I’m like, ‘That’s so horrible for them.’ I just kind of pretend it’s not happening.'”

MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! I think the day should be banned, personally. It makes people feel like sh*t who are single and puts on added stress to buy some random overpriced gift for those that aren’t. If you’re in a healthy relationship, the man should be showering you with gifts regardless ha! Right.

OH COME ON!!! There’s a steak and blowjob day, isn’t there? There should be a damn back massage and designer shoes day. Because of this day there would probably be an increase in blowjob days. IT JUST WORKS!!!

I’m sure Cory has a plethora of tail to choose from. I highly doubt he’ll actually be alone. I’ll be playing video games by myself if anyone wants to join me. I do it dressed up so it feels like Mario is taking me out on our adventure. Sad. So sad.

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