Glee’s Cory Monteith, Diana Agron & Lea Michele do GQ Magazine…some pics a bit odd.

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Everyone is going apesh*t over the next Glee episode covering the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yeah, well, I’m not gonna talk about that. Everyone has ….a little too much. I hope the show doesn’t disappoint now just due to that.

I will however still talk about Cory Monteith and the other ones….when don’t I? I’m still waiting for my cheque from all the promo I do. LOL. Sure, whatever.

So Cory, Lea and Diana are covering this month’s GQ Magazine. Yeah….uh, took a look at the pics. Some are a little inappropriate, but who am I to say. It takes a lot for me to deem something inappropriate too. This whole site is inappropriate…technically. But it sure is funny! Maybe that’s what they were aiming at – funny. Yeah, that’s it…I mean, how else could they explain the pics of Lea in underwear straddling a locker room bench? Not exactly sexy. Even Diana could have pulled off that pose. Lea and Diana are scantily clad…but not Cory? HELLLOO???!!!! Main demographic of the show is FEMALE!


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