Gleeks @ Fox party & I call Lea out on her bullsh*T

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The Gleeks were out in full force on Tuesday night. Well, most of them anyways. Let’s take a gander at what they were wearing, shall we?

Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t mentioned what the hell they were doing. They were at some FOX TCA party in Pasadena, CA. It’s probably in their contract to show up to this shiz.

First up? Cory Monteith. LOL of course! Who else would I talk about…seriously. I have no words…so…let’s just stare.


Ahh, that’s better. Now that that is out of our system, let’s move on. Next! Naya Rivera. Love her normally, but really? This is something that Lea Michele would wear. In fact, she’s worn something ridiculously similar to this dress. I don’t get the cut really…..why draw more attention to the hips? I try everyday to do the opposite. If she needs more, oh honey, give me a call. That or just start eating a bit more. Where is Lea Michele anyways? Did she even show up?

** On a side note. That bullshit apology she gave that kid actress the other day is just that – bullshit. I know first hand what a biotch she can be on the lot. She will not give autographs or even acknowledge your existence. It’s the worst when she does it to little kids. She even pretends to be on the phone when she walks by. Looks good on her to be called out on it. You’re such a fraud! Don’t try to hide it…seriously. “oh my god I was gonna be late to set, omg, i’m sorry.” Excuse me while I try to cut through your pity party…it looks really crowded.

Anyways, back to something refreshing and nice. Heather Morris. Looks fierce! YOU look hot, missy! You know how to do it. Me likes. This is my favourite of the night. Since it is, I will stop here.

C’mon hatemail! Bring it! lol

 pics via jj

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2 Responses to Gleeks @ Fox party & I call Lea out on her bullsh*T

  1. Jen says:

    To add to your Lea comment – she blames a production assistant for not being able to give an autograph as she is going back to set. Except Hailee said she was going to her trailer and it was the PA that came over, apologized and said it was probably not a good time. And from a couple second hand stories I heard, yeah, Lea’s not a nice person.

  2. Laura says:

    Amen! I heart you, Jen. Even the people that work at Paramount don’t like her! Every time I’ve seen her, I’ve seen the wrath lol I don’t even bother with her anymore, and she will not get any praise on this site! Her “nice” castmates, YES!

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