Finn & Rachel finally have sex on Glee!

  • SumoMe

FINALLY!! The one thing that Rachel does need is a good lay. Bruahaha maybe that will calm her down a bit.

Alas, young Finchel fans. Your wait (and theirs) has finally come to an end. The loss of Rachel’s virginity has occured on the Glee soundstage. According to THR , Lea Michele and Cory Monteith recently filmed the scene and it was a sweaty mess. Seriously? Lea has Cory on top of her and she’s complaining about sweat? Some would ravage in such a sitch. I get it though. When a dude is in the sibling category, that kinship may somewhat make the sexytimes seem not so sexy.

Exciting! The fireplace sexy shenanigans are due to air November 8, 2011!!

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