Emma Watson all grown up and showing some cleavage

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Lookie who’s all grown up! And showing all her goods! Well, not really but it’s not too far in the future.

Emma Watson is a kid to me still, like 12 years old. Why is a 12 year old wearing a pseudo bustier? Hmm…

She’s seen here prancing around the Glastonbury music festival on the weekend with her new boyfriend George Craig from some band named One Night Only. The jokes from that alone are endless but I won’t touch it due to Emma’s good nature – so far.

The boy seems nice so far! He put her in his video – smart. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone – getting way more viewers and publicity while dipping into a cute piece of ass.

And she is very cute! VERY CUTE! One of those young girls that you want to protect and make sure she stays pure. You know, how Miley Cyrus USED to be. Then she went slut. Emma is 20 and been to college at least. You’d expect it from her right about now even though you don’t want to. OMFG I’m my mother.

Emma, you’re lovely, but I’ve got my eye on you!!!

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