Edward Cullen makes a good gift

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Originally posted December 16, 2009

Melissa’s birthday is on friday. Mash-up pic of the year to come. Due to circumstances beyond my control (stupid work) I can not attend whatever festivities are planned.

Last night, we gathered together to play the new Wii Twilight game I got for free. Good thing I didn’t spend the retail price of $60 – about $40 too much – on it.

“Emmett, you sparkle like a diamond”

Sounds weird when you hear it, trust.

Anyways, despite the 2 other things I gave her, she seemed to have picked her favourite. Of course it was the cheapest thing, and the item that took the least amount of effort to find. One of the other things I bought in her presence in another country without her knowing! That takes skill my friends…..SKILL!

It’s like giving a kid a hugely expensive toy and they play with the box. Go fig.

By the way, it’s a blanket.

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