Drake made girls shake & tremble in Toronto & NYC

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The handsome and smouldering Drake has done a couple meet and greet autograph sessions this week to help promote and celebrate his new album, Take Care. He started off on his home turf, Toronto, to fans that began lining up the day before. I wanted to go, oh, I wanted to go. The boy reeks of guilty pleasure and un-won bets. Gambling? Let’s say you’d only win if you were Rihanna or Nicki Minaj . Ahem.

Apparently you weren’t allowed to take pics with the sultan of seduction, but could take some of him. I get it. But what’s super awesome is that he hugged every young lady there. He shook hands with the dudes, but left wafts of cologne on the girls’ clothing and cheeks that are probably unwashed even today. That’s sorta disgusting, but again, I get it. No judgement here! Although it’s been a few days I bet the withdrawal symptoms are getting to you, hmm? Listening to his CD on repeat even when you’re sleeping? Cursing his celebrity female friends more than usual? Hating your friends who have also met him because they got precious seconds of his attention that weren’t for you? It’s ok. Tell Mama Laura all about it. Then send me the pictures you took of him so I can drool a little more. Do it. I know you want to.

Thanks to @ToGomezBieberĀ  @conaaa98

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