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It was by far the best episode they’ve ever done. By far. The messages the had crammed into that one show makes me want to DVR it for my future children so they learn some of life’s hardest lessons without me having to move an inch and while watching it be depicted by really pretty people.

Bravo, Ryan Murphy, Bravo.

The only thing I would change is the vomit-inducing Finchel wedding scenes. They need to break up again or just get into a ripping good fight. The sappiness overwhelms me. It’s getting up there with the Notebook and the Vow. If it has a “the” preceding it and is simply one word long, you know it’s bad. That is “the Finchel.” We all know that they won’t really get married. They can’t. Unless the season finale is about how to get a good lawyer and annulment for cheap. Doubt it.

What’s goin’ on with Quinn???!! We all know that she doesn’t die but that would have been the most awesome exit from the show ever!!!Dianna Agron would have KILLED IT! Crap, literally. Well, I guess we know that she’s for sure going to be there for season 4 and not going to Yale.

The bullying stuff was super awesome too. It happens. Too often. I personally think that Facebook is the tool of the devil (the devil being teenagers) but who am I to say.

Why haven’t I mentioned Regionals? Like you didn’t know they were going to win……

Bravo, Ryan Murphy, bravo.


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