Devon Sawa in Toronto again filming Nikita/blowing up my phone

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Devon Sawa is in town, my town – Toronto, at this very second filming yet another episode of Nikita. Kinda figured this would happen considering the best episodes to air thus far are the ones he’s been in. *Aww, how sweet of me.* To be honest, I’d be happy if the show was just scenes like the picture below, dialogue not required 😉

He’s been tweeting from the Tdot like he usually does – crazily. Kinda like that time I gave my dog red bull for shits and giggles. He chased that tail like he’s never chased it before! That’s really impressive – he doesn’t really have a tail. Where was I again? Oh yeah, Devon and tweeting.

Me heart it.

I can always rely on his tweets to entertain me when I’m bored, on my lunch break, or when I’m trying to figure out who the good MMA people are. I still don’t know, and the men in my life still keep talking about it and asking me. Whatevs.

Hey Devon, when are they gonna just add you to the cast full time? Gawd, do we need to start a petition??! Don’t make me! I’ll write a letter! I really will! For those of you that can’t get enough of him, or have worn out your old Devon movie DVD’s, he’s got some shiz coming out soon.  He was in Toronto just before XMas filming 388 Arletta Ave. and he wrapped up The Sibling in Pittsburgh recently as well. Yeah I keep tabs on him. SO!

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8 Responses to Devon Sawa in Toronto again filming Nikita/blowing up my phone

  1. Izzy says:

    He is so Handsome and Sexy =] Wonderful Actor as well!

  2. Angelica says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! TO loves having him here!!!!!

  3. Idelise says:

    I’ll sign that petition!! Devon – a full cast member of Nikita – would be gift to all of us! <3

  4. keti says:

    heyy are they still shooting the show in toronto ?

  5. Laura says:

    …as far as I know…

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh no way, I just learned they shoot in Toronto. That’s so cool .. is the cast still here? Anyone know where they shoot?

  7. Laura says:

    The cast is here til mid march i think. They live in a hotel downtown. Shooting wise, not sure. It changes all the time. All around downtown Toronto. I’ve seen signs in a bunch of places….just gotta actually go looking for them. They should a lot in studio as well, in the beaches area.

  8. nicole says:

    omgg doo u guys know when or where their shooting the show i live in torontoo and i would realy like to go and seee themmmm pleasee pleasee respondd im addicted to this showw

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