Devon Sawa filming 388 Arletta Avenue in Toronto – where he belongs!!

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Devon Sawa is back on my turf for filming – this time not for Nikita.

That’s right ladies, he’s here to film a movie entitled “388 Arletta Avenue” with his buddy Nick Stahl. According to IMDB, it’s about “a young couple that finds themselves in an unnerving situation with a mysterious stalker.”

I hope Devon plays the stalker. Who wouldn’t want that following them around? Hell, I’d tweet my every location just to make sure of it. Devon does thriller well. Remember him in Final Destination? I just netflixed the hell out of him on Hallowe’en – – Idle Hands anyone?

Where the hell has this dude been though? Besides his delicious reoccuring appearances on Nikita, and one on NCIS: Los Angeles, he’s been low-key since the turn of the century.


Who wouldn’t want this on the cover of GQ ?? But alas, I am just one lonely blogger. I can’t do this myself. Comment on this, facebook me, or just retweet the f**k outta this post to spread the word.

Devon himself is a tweet-o-holic. HEY DEVON! Retweet the hell outta this post, would ya? By the way, I’m available for interviews anytime….

pic via nikitaonline

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