Demi Lovato goes GINGER!

  • SumoMe

I’m a fan of Demi Lovato. I haven’t always been in the past, mind you but that has all changed. This bitch has got balls! Although her current choice of boyfriends is…how do you say? Oh right, douchey. C’mon, you know it. She hasn’t got the best choice in man-friends but who does at that age? What’s awesome about her? Her fabulous new red hair! Be on the ginger alert! They’re a dying breed and must be treated with care. She’s not a true ginger, but still treat her as one. I don’t mean throw her into the sun to see if she spontaneously combusts either. She’s probably a daywalker anyways, so that won’t work. Geez people, don’t you know your gingers?


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2 Responses to Demi Lovato goes GINGER!

  1. cutecat says:

    wow.dying hair!so nice.i love it demi

  2. gabrielle miah says:

    awwwweee!! Demi!! i love that red on her she looks fab! i always wanted her to be a red head. in now she is, she so gorgeous!!!

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