David Beckham in Toronto & names baby girl

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Someone who is definitely worth strolling the streets of Yorkville all day until your blisters pop is back in Toronto today.


He’ll be playing the Toronto team I know nothing about today at the BMO field. He was spotted in Yorkville the other day at Sotto Sotto restaurant. Oh to ask him to demonstrate his ball-handling skills. Just to be able to pull off that joke in his presence would be a life-goal successfully completed. It’s good to have low standards for yourself-  it really is.

Word on the street is that he and Victoria have picked out a name for their unborn little girl. They want to do what they did for their first born and name her after the city she was conceived in. “Santa” is the name they picked.

Really? What happened to “Monica?” Santa????? Gawd, I hope she’s not chubby. Still….if I had David Beckham as a dad, he could call me whatever the fuck he wanted. I’d still be at his beck and call. Hehe get it. But…that would be a bit weird if I was hot for my dad, right? Just write off that last entire paragraph.

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