Cory Monteith went down under in Sydney with Glee

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One of my best titles ever. Ha. Search-able AND dirty. Perfect.

Cory Monteith has been down under. In Australia, perverts, although I’m sure you’re correct as well. Let’s keep it PG, shall we? PG-13? Crap, NC-17? Fine. I can work with that.

Cory made a couple appearances at a mall in Sydney where he threw his fans into a frenzy. I wonder why. No one ever goes down there enough! The Aussie’s are a sexy bunch of people that don’t get nearly enough attention. They’re like the middle child in the pop culture world. It took this long for someone from Glee to haul ass down there? Of course it was Cory though *insert smirk here* Wow, I do a great job of kissing his ass, don’t I? Whatevs, I’ll leave you to what you came here to do in the first place! None of this idle chit chat! Get to the pictures! Me-ow!

Source: All Cory Tumblr


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