Cory Monteith needs a PCA & you can give it to him!

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This is music to my ears!! I may actually watch this show now! The People’s Choice Awards, airing January 11, 2012, have announced their nominees list. It’s so super fantabulous! Cory Monteith has been nominated for favourite TV actor. It kinda sucks that he’ll be up against Chris Colfer, but it’s the thought that counts, right? What doesn’t suck is that Jane Lynch is up against Lea Michele. I wonder who’s gonna win, sucka? Hahaha!

These awards are super awesome because they are voted for by the people that actually watch the stuff, not critics who get paid to bash whenever possible. This show is somewhat notorious for releasing the winners to the nominees ahead of time to ensure their presence the day of the event. It may be a bit tricky to know if any of the people associated with Gleehave won though because the show itself is nominated and they’ve been known to be cool enough to attend.

So go and vote for Cory, or any of the others, but really you want to vote for Cory. Vote for him. Do it. I know you want to. You could win a trip to awards themselves if you vote. That’s a great reason to do it. You could then meet Cory and share your experience with me afterwards while I cry in a puddle of my own salty tears.


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