Cory Monteith & Lea Michele’s lady bits at the People’s Choice Awards

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Last night at the People’s Choice Awards, both Cory Monteith and Lea Michele were up for awards. We all know that Lea won and we all know that millions shed a tear when Cory did not. It wasn’t from the lack of effort put out by his fans during the voting process. You guys are relentless! Love it! Anyways, the duo were there to support Glee as well. Here are a few fab pics of the pair at last night’s awards. Was it just me or was it boring as f*ck? Nothing against the host or anything, but it was just lack lustre. The element of surprise (and hopefully anger) was lost because the winners were notified beforehand in order to get them to show up. That’s pathetic!! They should be the most important awards’ show out there. They’re based on the votes of us poor schmucks that actually pay our hard earned money to watch this stuff. Ah well.

Enjoy the pics of Lea and Cory. I’m sure you’ll rather like the one of him pointing to her award and/or lady bits. Gotta love strategic camera angles.

Source: All Cory tumblr


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