Cory Monteith & Lea Michele holding hands in LA

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Let’s add some more fuel to the fire, shall we? What! It’s true. After my last real-life Finn and Rachel post I got loads of hate mail. I don’t care if they date each other and bring other members in from Glee on the weekends or the backyard squirrel for holidays. That would make for a great headline actually. “Lea sucks on Cory and Fuzzy’s nuts” You’d click the shit out of that and you know it.

Anyways, this magical moment was caught on film the other day in Los Angeles. The publicity stunt/true love in bloom/millions in the making occurred between the loved Cory Monteith and the shorter Lea Michele.


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2 Responses to Cory Monteith & Lea Michele holding hands in LA

  1. Jun says:

    BFD I could give a shit about this almost-15-minutes-is-over celebrities. No chemistry odd looking coupling. Notice their vibe seems so staged. Glee PR reeks. So much attention since VDay (lea/cory, dianna/sebastian, chord/emma etc) …patterns are so apparent in media reporting so apparent. Writers/promoters NEED to focus on OTHER talented cast m.embers!

  2. Janie says:

    1. They aren’t holding hands here. Look closely. He’s holding on to keys. The camera just happened to snap at a moment when their hands swung near each other.
    2. They are dating. Have been since mid-fall 2011, by best guesses. Are they being mindful about public appearances now that’s they’re starting to be more open about it and using it to benefit themselves and the show since they’re going to get the attention anyway? Probably. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. So is the snark totally necessary? Some is awesome, but this is kinda overload and has lost the funny you usually bring.

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