Cory Monteith heads up the Superbowl of Canada. Grey Cup!

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Another Cory Monteith post? In the same day?! Yeah, why not. This one also helps to promote some Canadian patriotism so that just increases the probability of there being more than just a solo post dedicated to Cory. Besides, I went a few weeks with nothing! There’s only so long a girl can go! Yeah, yeah, the point.

The Grey cup (Canada’s Superbowl that no one watches) is going to be held in Vancouver this year. It takes place on November 27, 2011 with 3 days preceding it of celebration. Yeah, so? Well, I bet due to his exuberant amount of pride and free Glee schedule, Cory has agreed to be this years’ ambassador/important person/bringer of media attention for this year’s Grey Cup parade held on November 26th through downtown Vancouver. Super sly/smart move, football people. Who even knew there was a parade or a party before the cup? Hell, who even knew about the cup itself? That’s what I thought….

Well, get ready people of the ‘Couve! Cory will be back in town mighty soon. Look for him in his black Canada jacket. You know he’ll be wearing it!

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