Cory Monteith grabs a coffee with a friend

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I haven’t written about Cory Monteith in a while….it’s been what? A week? Far too long! He, along with the rest of the cast, came together for the Glee Emmy Panel this week. They talked about all sorts of shenanigans. I’m sure. I guess. I don’t really know ‘cuz I wasn’t there. Plot twists? Most likely. Upcoming romances? Quite likely. Anything we really want to hear i.e. real-life romantic shenanigans? Unlikely.

Here is a pic of Cory from the panel along with a pic of him and one of his friends being scoped out from across the street while having a drink. He was at Kings Road Cafe in L.A. Nice hat and sunglasses disguise, Cory. I totally didn’t recognize you. Hahhaha. Me so funny.

pic via jj

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  1. jess says:

    I love the fact that it’s a Vancouver Canucks hat that he used to go incognito in. That’s my Canadian boy!

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