Cory Monteith does photoshoot with fan

  • SumoMe

Oh, these ladies were lucky. Lucky indeed! A girl very blessed by the leprachauns met Cory Monteith on a downtown Toronto street late Saturday night. He had just landed in town a few hours earlier and was already partying it up. She tells me that she found him walking down the street all by his lonesome. Well, of course keep him company! He was, of course, super duper nice and agreed to a mini photoshoot with the fan. First off? A serious pose. Then followed by a silly smile. I bet she was trying not to wet her pants. It’s normally an unconscious action – not urinating spontaneously. This time, perhaps not. Thanks so much for sharing the pics and I’m super happy for you!

And for all of you reading this and drooling….go see Sisters and Brothers!! lol

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