Cory Monteith back in L.A. at some party…..he looks good in leather….

  • SumoMe

If it wasn’t bad enough that Cory Monteith isn’t in Vancouver anymore, he had to go out in L.A. on saturday night LOOKING LIKE THIS!! Yes, like this. What the hell, Cory! Why you always lookin so hot fo? Like that? A little slang in there for ya. In person, I can’t pull that off, but on here no one is the wiser. Ha! Makes no sense? Yeah, I know.

So, here’s Cory. He was at some place called Syndicate Hospitality’s MyStudio…whatever the hell that is. He was also accompanied by Mark Salling but I didn’t put a pic of him up. Not cuz I don’t like him or anything…..I just wanted this to be all about Cory. One day his manager will thank me, oh yes, one day.

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