Cory Monteith at the SAG’s – the only reason to watch

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There are posts all over the Internet about the SAG awards that happened last night. I didn’t watch them. I know, I know, they’re supposed to be the entrance way to the golden path leading to the Oscars. I am aware of that. I just have a very short attention span and had a Mexican night full of enchiladas and Jose Cuervo instead.

You know what is super awesome about not watching an awards’ show and looking at the pictures posted the next day? You just get the highlights and bypass all the crap. And by crap I am referring to anyone who isn’t Cory Monteith. You read right. Just look at these delicious moments captured in time. He met Clooney!! CLOONEY!! The mastermind of all masterminds!! Hello? Look at him. I don’t see the allure but I respect his ability to maintain fine pieces of meat at his side at all times and his friendship with the most bad ass wing man of all time – Brad Pitt. Let’s just ogle the pictures of Cory though, shall we?

Source: All Cory Tumblr


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