Cory Monteith at the Fox TCA party

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Cory Monteith made an appearance at the Fox TCA party last night in Pasadena, CA. He along with his other Glee┬ácast mates┬ábroke the news that they will be appearing in the fourth season of the show. Last July news broke that Cory, Lea and Chris would be appearing in a spin-off taking place in New York City and would be leaving the show after they graduated. We don’t know how Ryan Murphy is going to do it, but he’s going to keep the main players in the show on the show with a different storyline.

Whatever!! Who cares! The good news is that Cory will be sticking around on Glee! Good, ‘cuz I would stop watching it if they ditched him. Sorry! But ’tis true! Who’s with me?

Source: All Cory Tumblr


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