Cory Monteith all wet at Grey Cup Parade in Vancouver

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The Grey Cup Parade pics of Cory Monteith are all they were expected to be – wet and delicious. I mean because it was pissing rain. Get your mind out of the gutter. LOL Nah, keep it in there!

As I have over-posted, Cory was the Grand Marshall of the parade that was held in Vancouver this past Saturday. It’s kinda nice that he is still there. Who cares that it’s 25 degrees in Los Angeles and its inhabitants are wearing f lip-flops still. Screw them. We’ve got snow, scenery and manners. Well, the first two anyways. The third is something Canada is somehow known for yet does not practice. That’s a whole other post though.

Why I am still rambling? Basically to fill up space on here. In a perfect world I’d just post the damn pics of Cory from the parade, but it’s not perfect. If it was I wouldn’t even need this site. The celebs would just pop up at my house whenever I got the itch. Santa wouldn’t even be required, for everyday would be like Christmas. I’m going a little too far with this……I’ll get to the pictures. Thank you tumblr folk! I love your little collection that I picked my way through.

Source: AllcoryTumblr FuckYeahCory

Cory Monteith Grey Cup Parade 2011Cory Monteith Vancouver orange hatGrey cup parade in vancouver canada with mr monteithcory-monteith-vancouver-greycupcory monteith smiling

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