“Chubby” girls ruled the Oscars – looooooove them all – Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson

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Serious post alert. Serious post alert.

Not funny, but important nonetheless.

Chubby girls ruled the red carpet yesterday, as they should. I shouldn’t even say chubby ‘cuz some of them are normal sized. Whatever normal is, right?

Praise Gabourey Sidibe. She rocked that damn dress. I don’t care what people say, she’s beautiful. People out there may ridicule her and call her fat, but  not me. Thank you for showing the world that Victoria Beckham’s body is not the only one in Hollywood, and everyone can be gorgeous and accepted.

Jennifer Hudson looked fabulous too. Here she is at Elton John’s party. Love the dress! Did she lose weight? She looks smaller actually. Love her post-baby! Hell, loved her pre-baby.

And look! A chick with a booty not wearing black to camouflage it! Love you Jennifer Lopez, for loving your assets and not being afraid to flaunt them.

So in love with all of you right now!

Source: justjared.com

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