Chris Colfer & Cory Monteith look Glee-licious! Ok, that was corny.

  • SumoMe

CHRIS COLFER! CHRIS COLFER! Love you!!!! So glad you won the Golden Globe!

He’s genuinely thankful as well. Me likes. I love this guy!! He’s great to the fans, loves his job, and knows how lucky he is. A lot of the Glee cast have these qualities (not Lea). Now, I’ve been actively trying to be nicer on this site, but I say it as I see it. I mean really see it. If you’re a douche to me, I say shit. I’m not Entertainment tonight anyways, so the odds of them seeing this is low.

All of the Gleeks looked lovely last night, but that’s another post. Let’s just focus on the men. The good stuff.

Chris – adorable. Cory Monteith – I’ve said all the praise I could ever think of when it comes to this boy, so let’s just oogle.


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