Chris Brown as Q-Bert at the 2012 Grammy’s – watch here!

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Chris Brown may be a renowned DB (douche bag for the non-hip) but the boy has mad dance skills. Have you ever watched the “Step Up” movies and totally imagined yourself in those dance sequences battling out so your posse can rule the streets? Ever watched “So You Think you can Dance” and secretly wished that it was YOU dancing with your super hot partner and edging out the competition? Even to modern dance!?!

Weirdo. Why would you do that?

I’m a weirdo when it comes to Chris. It’s just so hard for me to separate the ultimate douchebaggery and his kick ass dance moves! Why?! Oh, why is it so?! I dream of dancing weddings a la the Office and Glee! I know that Channing Tatum will one day walk into my work and start dancing with me all over the tables and chairs while my co-workers clap in sync to the music that suddenly blares from the air ducts. It will happen!!!! But until it does, I will have to indulge in Chris’ ultimate dance moves as seen at this year’s Grammy awards.

He totally looked like he was playing a game of the old school Q-Bert on Atari (age myself too much?). Look it up if you don’t get the reference. Maybe he kept jumping up towards the ceiling on those blocks cuz of that restraining order Rihanna still has against him. No one said anything about vertical distance!

Watch his rubber legs here. Enjoy!

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