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This category is dedicated to posts that may not be about anyone specific. Maybe it’s a thing! Or an it! Who knows. If I still think it’s worth posting about but doesn’t really have a home….it goes here.

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Forbes’ list of highest paid Actresses – – I demand a recount!!

Forbes released their list of the 10 highest paid actresses for 2010, but I never got around to reading it. It popped up on my browser the other day and thought that there must be a glitch or 2 in … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day Canada!!!

Happy Turkey Day, Canada! That’s right…we celebrate on a different day than the Americans. Wow, we did something different for a change…

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Big Bang Theory cast on Much Music in Toronto tomorrow Oct. 7, 2010

Just a reminder to those who haven’t seen the commercial 10 000 times already like I have – – the cast of the Big Bang Theory will be on Much Music tomorrow, October 7, 2010 at 2pm. Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading

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LFO’s Rich Cronin dies of Leukemia. That song will forever make no sense

I’m a lover of boy bands everywhere. Always have been, always will be. It’s sad when we lose someone apart of that love. Back in 1999 LFO had a number 1 hit with Summer Girls. Who doesn’t know that song??!! … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Everyone!!

Just as the title says, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Here’s to forgetting the real reason for the holiday and gaining 5 pounds from mini eggs. YES!

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World’s most expensive vibrator cums with diamond ring.

Gawd bless Perez Hilton sometimes. He posted today about the most glorious gift you could possibly buy the rich girl that has everything……….but a man. If you’re begging your man to give you one, or just alone, don’t fret! For … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, you drunken bastards

I guess I should be nice and wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m just bitter cuz I have to work tonight. I’d rather be drunk with all of you, but mama’s gotta pay the bills. So to … Continue reading

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Canada takes gold in men’s hockey – oh right, and we beat everyone else in everything else too HA!

Take that you American bastards!!! Hahhahaha! Annnnnnd the prettier one of the team scored the winning goal on your asses. See….we’re good for something 😛 Sidney is mighty fine, but watch out young girls. Hockey boys are the sluttiest of … Continue reading

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Joannie Rochette skates better than anyone else under the circumstances. Oh, oh, got nothing to say on that do you Americans….CANADA HOCKEY RULES!

YAY!!!! JOANNIE ROCHETTE WON BRONZE!!! No one could watch that last night and not blubber worse than a whale. I was full on blubbering….sobs…sniffles…occasional choke from all the fluids. You go girl! The world loves you. Even those egotistical American … Continue reading

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Happy Singles Awareness Day, you poor bastards.

For anyone that is single today or had their heart ripped out and stomped on recently, this is for you. Curse you Valentine’s Day, curse you. I will forever loathe you and your commericialism. F*ck you. I dunno, I think … Continue reading

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Someone is making a movie about Groupies. I’m waiting for the highest bidder.

Perez Hilton had a good post today. Something about a movie being made about groupies. It’s being based on some super groupie Pamela Des Barres, who influenced the movie Almost Famous. She did some big stars back in the day … Continue reading

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