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NKOTBSB isn’t a license plate, it’s an acronym for bliss. Two of the biggest boy groups of all time merged together to form a nonuplet of sexy. When the Backstreet Boys and the New Kids on the Block first appeared on the same stage together I could actually hear the sounds of heads popping and minds blowing. The sexual fantasies coming to life on that very night was enough energy to fuel a rocket ship to space. That’s a lot.

London gave NKOTBSB their hearts…they shook their junk in return.

Picture this – – 9 gorgeous men designed for entertaining and wooing the female gender. Each a gentleman, a dedicated pleaser, and a soulful singer. Together they sing ballads and gyrate to dance rhythms that create palpatations in the hearts … Continue reading

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NKOTBSB flirt with fans before the show in London

I have so much to say about the NKOTBSB show last night in London, that I have to split it up into 2 separate posts. That my friends, I have never done. I have tooooo many damn pictures to put … Continue reading

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Matthew Morrison lectured London in swing, summer rain & sexiness

So last night at the John Labatt Centre all of my boyband dreams came true. But before the anticipation of seeing NKOTBSB almost made my dinner make a second appearance, I had the retinal pleasure of seeing the sexiest teacher … Continue reading

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London loves Neverest & Neverest loves London….& Lauralikey

The ladies of London were lined up last night to see NKOTBSB, but some were definitely lingering to catch a glimpse of Canada’s best new band, Neverest. I’ve been posting about them for awhile now…..You better have been paying attention! … Continue reading

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Lauralikey for JLC Concert Reviewer!

I came across this great opportunity, and I hope (with your help) that it comes through. The people at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario have come up with a super fantastic idea for their venue. For some of … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets the New Kids on the Block!

My 8-year old self freaked out on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Freaked out indeed. It was like I was in my old jean jacket with their picture on the back and the giant button on the front. Of course … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets Nick Carter!!! @Nickcarter

NKOTBSB took up residence in Toronto for the last couple days and to my delight, spent some time on the streets. The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter took the time to sign some autographs, take some pics, and post a homemade … Continue reading

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Neverest made the panties disintegrate in Toronto last night

If you were in Toronto for the last couple nights, then you should have been at the Air Canada Centre. Was I? Uh….yeah?!! Although the men’s bathrooms were closed due to, well, lack of men, it was still a good … Continue reading

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