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The New Kids were my first concert ever. Who knew that money my parents spent for me for Xmas was the best money they could have ever spent. Look what it grew into! A disfunctional obsession with those whom I find uninhibitedly exhuberant! When they made their comeback in 2008 I was right there in 2nd row center. My jaw dropped lower than on prom night. It was glorious and remained so every time since that I’ve seen them live. Praise ye boy band founders!

NKOTB, 98 Degrees & Boyz II Men Make the ACC Quiver in Toronto| Donnie Makes Out With Fan On Stage

The Package Tour stopped off in Toronto last night. I have to so much to say I don’t know where to start. That rarely happens. I’m so giddy with boy band goodness! Let’s start at the beginning…. 3 guys from … Continue reading

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New Kids on the Block Marvelous Meet and Greet in Toronto

“Oh oh ooooooh oh, oh oh oooooh oh. Oh oh ooooooh oh. Hack hack, cough, cough. Damn chick in front of me coulda put her hair up for today! Crap, just what I like while I’m stuck in a crowd … Continue reading

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New Kids on the Block Autograph Session in Toronto April 13

Wanna meet the New Kids on the Block? Ummmmm YEEESSSSS!!!!!! They’re kickin’ it old school and doing an autograph session for 300 lucky ladies (let’s be honest) in the not so distant future. Joey, Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jon will … Continue reading

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Name the Package! Tour with New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees & Boyz II men

I’ve been held hostage all week. That’s my only excuse for not blogging about this days ago. I’ll make it up to you, I promise! Really, I do! My beloved New Kids on the Block (aka the first men to … Continue reading

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Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block to receive star on Walk of Fame

For us old folks (not really and if I hear you call me that I’ll beat you with my cane) today is a super fab day! The boy bands that helped us grow up shared some great news! Both the … Continue reading

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Kevin Richardson rejoins the Backstreet Boys & AJ is reproducing!

This shit is already trending worldwide so it’s kinda old news (although it was released like 7 minutes ago). If you shelled out the money to see the live show featuring the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block … Continue reading

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Backstreet Boys Number 1 Boy Band of all time – Rollingstone Magazine

Wow. I am flabbergasted. Why? Well, I’ll tell you. The prestigious Rollingstone Magazine did a poll recently to determine the top 10 boy bands of all time. The results were surprising to say the least. I thought that the mag … Continue reading

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Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean got married Skull & Crossbones style

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys got married to his long time love on December 17, 2011 while thousands of grown-up women reminisced on what could have been……*sigh* He’s been engaged a few times before so I honestly didn’t think … Continue reading

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NKOTB’s Jordan Knight & Joey McIntyre appearing at Chum Fm’s morning breakfast in Toronto

I kinda love my city during the holidays. Toronto attracts celebrities like old people to cream soups. If you’ve heard the radio ads on 104.5 chum fm then you already know about this sold-out show. Two members of the New … Continue reading

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4 cd’s you HAVE to buy for this Christmas season

I know it’s a bit early for this, but it’s because it’s a bit early that I’m going to blabber on about it. I went out yesterday to a few stores and each one had Christmas decorations within eye sight. … Continue reading

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Jordan Knight will be in town every Sunday for the next couple months for Cover Me Canada, ladies *ahem*

Did anyone watch Cover Me Canada last night? I missed it and want to know if it’s worth PVR’ing. My Sunday night 9pm time slot has since opened up now that True Blood is over. Don’t know what this is? … Continue reading

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Donnie & Mark Wahlberg open burger joint together! Can I get ketchup on you..that?

Awww, can you feel the brotherly love?? Can you feel it?? One time! *pelvic thrust* Two times! *thrust thrust* Three! You get it. We’re not at a New Kids on the Block concert here, but there better be video footage … Continue reading

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