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Neverest is a Canadian band co-managed by Backstreet Boy Howie D. They were my first exclusive interview and will always hold a special place in my heart as the band that popped my cherry. They’re kinda nice to look at, hmm? That and they’re all super polite and mannerly. Manners were always so damn sexy to me. Open a door and pull out my chair and I’m yours. These guys have a growing fanbase, but with these traits they’ll each have a harem of their own in no time. The application process would be pretty fun though. Ha!

Neverest’s New Single “Rewind” Has A Sexified Video

This looks like a sexy video. The preview is sexy, therefore alluding to the real thing being sexy. My senses better not be teased in such a manner. The real thing must be just as sexy or surpasses the alluded … Continue reading

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Neverest playing the NBA All Star game this weekend

I just wanted to take a moment to give a good luck shout out to Toronto’s own Neverest! If you don’t have a twitter account or follow them on facebook than you may not know that they will be appearing … Continue reading

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Neverest end their tour in Toronto with a bang, screams & lots of sweating

Hello Neverest fans! And hello people that should be Neverest fans that clicked on this link out of pure curiosity, in hope to see a mountain, or by complete mistake. I will make you a fan, oh I will. Some … Continue reading

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Lauralikey Exclusive Interview with Neverest @ We Day in Toronto

“We Day” was this week in Toronto. What the heck is “We Day?” Another day dedicated to couples and the greeting card industry? No, it’s not Singles Awareness Day, people. Let me explain… “We Day” was founded by Craig and … Continue reading

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London loves Neverest & Neverest loves London….& Lauralikey

The ladies of London were lined up last night to see NKOTBSB, but some were definitely lingering to catch a glimpse of Canada’s best new band, Neverest. I’ve been posting about them for awhile now…..You better have been paying attention! … Continue reading

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Neverest entices the ladies @ Dundas square

Sorry ladies. I apologize for not getting this up sooner but I’ve been running like a wild man all over the city this weekend. Actually, I wasn’t running at all. I was basically dragging myself around in the heat leaving … Continue reading

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Neverest made the panties disintegrate in Toronto last night

If you were in Toronto for the last couple nights, then you should have been at the Air Canada Centre. Was I? Uh….yeah?!! Although the men’s bathrooms were closed due to, well, lack of men, it was still a good … Continue reading

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*New Boy Band Alert!* Listen to NEVEREST cuz I said so! Backstreet Boys like them, so should you

If you’re a Canuck and reading this, then you may recognize the name from the title – Neverest. They’re a new boy band from well…Ontario-land. That’s a lot of square kilometres, but I’m too lazy to type out all of … Continue reading

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